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Jean-Roch Deswarte and Céline Molin transformed SETP from a small business with just two employees in 1995 into the leading French limestone company, now boasting nearly 180 team members.

SETP prides itself on the expertise of its teams.

Our sales team is dedicated to collaborating with architects and construction firms, advocating for the use of our natural stones in their projects.

Our quarry workers have honed their skills through years of on-site training, mastering the art of extracting stone with optimal efficiency, conserving resources, and ensuring the highest quality for our blocks.

The primary sawing team meticulously selects the best materials to produce top-quality slabs for various applications.

The processing workshop brings together diverse skills, from precision cutting with CNC machines to operating on production lines, and machining centres where pieces are prepped for the final finishing touches.

Our master stonecutters and finishing experts, with their deep understanding of the craft, passion for the material, and commitment to excellence, complete the tasks that add the final touches to a piece before it’s dispatched.

The STONEBOX® production workshop encompasses a range of skills from designing simple to custom grids, to filling with precisely sized stones, and managing the inventory of finished products.

We also rely on a variety of support roles that are crucial to our operation: product packaging, loading, maintenance of our extensive machinery, and support functions like research, logistics, procurement, accounting, and human resources.


La gouvernance est assurée par un comité de direction - SETP

(2nd from the right)


With a background in business (Edhec), Jean-Roch has devoted his energy to the commercial and technical growth of SETP. Recognising the importance of sustainable resources and low-carbon materials, he has led initiatives in stone extraction and processing. In 2000, he launched the Stonebox® initiative to maximise the use of stone resources. He is the driving force behind the company’s success.

Céline Molin



Holding a master’s degree in private law from the University of Toulouse, Céline oversees the company’s core operations, with a special focus on human resources.
She upholds our values and embodies our brand as an employer.

Alban Praquin

(2nd from the left)

Deputy CEO

An engineering graduate from ESTP and a member of RICS, with a background in investment banking and fund management, Alban has been instrumental in shaping the company’s strategy and financial structuring since 2018. He joined SETP in 2022 on a permanent basis, convinced that this business will play a critical role in today’s challenges in the construction industry.

Guillaume Poggi

(1st from the right)

Head of Industry

An engineering graduate from the Mines, Guillaume has dedicated his career to the processing of limestone. His passion for this natural resource led him to join SETP in 2017, with a focus on productivity, quality, and safety.

Vincent Guilbaud

(1st from the left)

Head of Sales

A self-taught professional, Vincent has applied his commercial acumen across the construction sector—flooring, walls, fittings, insulation—and joined SETP in 2019 to further promote the use of natural stone in all projects. !

180 collaborateurs - SETP


team members

7,5 ans d'ancienneté en moyenne - SETP


years of average tenure

15% de femmes - SETP


female workforce

Our top priority is to provide optimal working conditions for our team, from quarry to construction site, while upholding a high standard of expertise and operational efficiency in our quarries and factories.

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