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At our Comblanchien site, we operate 4 transformation plants covering 15,000 m², dedicated to producing Stonebox® and processing dimension stone.


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Our in-house developed factory for pre-filled gabions features :

An inventory of grids and accessories
A cage-shaping workshop (folding, assembling, accessorising)
A workshop for filling, vibrating and compacting
A finishes & quality control workshop.

The facility has a production capacity of approximately 200 m³ per day, with a finished goods inventory of nearly 2,000 m³ in various formats, ready for factory pick-up or direct delivery to sites.

Choosing SETP means working with top-tier capacity, quality, and durability on your most significant projects.

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Our capabilities are spread across three distinct,
specialised plants :

An urban landscaping plant focused on thick slab products, edges and pavers, mainly featuring flamed and bush-hammered finishes.

An architectural stone plant for bulky construction products and complex pieces requiring milling and traditional stone carving. All finishes available.

A thin products plant specialised in interior flooring and facade cladding, mainly in brushed, honed, and polished finishes.

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featuring 324 blades across 5 gang saws, 2 triple-blade and 8 single-blade saws

including 7 paving lines, 11 CNC bridge saws, 5 CNC machining centres, 2 curved wire machines, 2 slab polishers, 1 water jet cutter, 2 lathes, 6 splitters, 13 dust extracting booths for stone cutting

This centralised site organisation grants us unparalleled flexibility and responsiveness, fostering knowledge sharing and skill upgrade among our team.

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