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Marbrerie de bâtiment - SETP
SETP is the architectural stonework specialist

Natural stone has long been a cornerstone of construction, fulfilling a variety of needs from flooring & facades to decoration. Owing to its technical and aesthetic qualities, natural stone adapts to a wide range of applications.

Marbrerie de batiment - SETP

Operating since 1850 in the Comblanchien stone basin, our Marbrerie (‘marble workshop’) primarily utilises locally quarried stone. Our facilities are equipped to achieve the precise cutting and finishing needed for decorative, construction, or restoration projects.

Comblanchien marble stone, a highly durable limestone, is often polished and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use in flooring and wall cladding.

The variety in appearance and textural qualities of Burgundy natural stone allow it to blend seamlessly with any architectural style..

We engage in a variety of major architectural projects including train station halls, airports, shopping centres, historic monuments, and stone masonry. We provide tailor-made natural stone parts to building and heritage renovation companies across the Burgundy Franche-Comté region, as well as all of France.

The variety of limestones processed by SETP meets all the fundamental building requirements thanks to their aesthetic and technical properties.

La marbrerie de bâtiment - SETP


Sols - Marbrerie de bâtiment - SETP


Habillage de façade - Marbrerie de bâtiment - SETP

Wall cladding

Escaliers - Marbrerie de bâtiment - SETP


Marbrerie de bâtiment - Sols - Marbrerie de décoration - SETP

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Produits semi finis - Marbrerie de bâtiment - SETP

Blocks & slabs

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