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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) stands as a fundamental pillar of our daily efforts to enhance our contributions to the benefit of our stakeholders.

Following a comprehensive carbon footprint analysis (‘bilan carbone®’) in 2022 to evaluate our scope 3 emissions, we took a significant step by joining the Unicem Enterprises Engagées association in early 2023. This pivotal move was aimed at solidifying our commitment to sustainable development.
Through this affiliation, we are set to formally document our advancements and our non-financial achievements and commitments, starting from 2024.


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At SETP, we prioritise materials that are nationally and regionally sourced, primarily serving the same markets. Contrary to common misconceptions, large-scale exports are not our focus, particularly for weighty items such as natural stone.

We adopt a strategic approach to selecting our suppliers, prioritising proximity from local to further away, while ensuring we remain within European boundaries.

Our governance structure is centred around a predominantly family-owned shareholding, dedicated to long-term stewardship. With a prudent dividend policy, we aim to reinvest 10% to 20% of our revenue into our workforce and operational processes.

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As primarily a quarry operator, SETP is committed to extracting the maximum value from our resources while minimising environmental impact. Our quarries not only supply blocks for the dimension stone industry but also produce heating pellets, construction aggregates, refined products for animal feed and glass manufacturing, as well as limestone soil amendments – ensuring nothing goes to waste.

In our quarry operations, we place a high emphasis on biodiversity, fostering strong relationships with environmental organisations such as the League for the Protection of Birds. We actively contribute to the conservation of wildlife through our limestone grasslands, areas of natural decay, and comprehensive ecological monitoring.

Our business model is built on operational proximity, with quarries and factories located close together to minimise logistics. Indeed, 90% of our activities are concentrated within a 100-hectare area.

Our 2022 ‘bilan carbone®’ (carbon footprint analysis) highlighted our main sources of emissions, sparking numerous initiatives to mitigate our environmental impact. It includes sourcing steel used in gabions, reducing non-road diesel consumption, managing process gases.

Water management is also a critical concern. Quarry extraction was revolutionised by predominantly using dry machinery. In our factories, process water is recycled through closed systems that include decanting, filtering, and the systematic collection of rainwater.

Additionally, SETP has implemented several other green initiatives, such as installing electric vehicle charging stations, segregating industrial and domestic waste, repurposing recycled pallets, and installing water fountains in factories, among others.

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The health, safety, well-being, and development of our team members are central to our corporate ethos. We provide each of our collaborators with regularly updated equipment and extensive training to enhance workplace quality of life and reduce accident rates in challenging environments.

We’ve equipped our facilities to accommodate a diverse workforce, including separate changing rooms, assisted lifting equipment, in a culture of respect and equality to quash all forms of discrimination.

In collaboration with the Social and Economic Committee (CSE) and other key partners, we are dedicated to evolving our employer brand to offer our employees attractive and balanced social benefits, aligned with the long-term viability of our operations.

Un meilleur environnement de travail - SETP

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