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In landscaping, urban planning, or road & highway construction, gabion walls are emerging as contemporary environmental features. Gabions are increasingly used for constructing walls, stabilising slopes, protecting riverbanks, or as facade cladding.

Stonebox - Gabion- SETP

Their aesthetic appeal and potential for green integration have made them a popular choice among architects and urban planners as both functional and decorative elements.

SETP, a market leader in gabions, utilises state-of-the-art industrial production facilities to manufacture STONEBOX®, a pre-filled gabion known for its exceptional resistance to deformation as well as consistency in size.

SETP boasts 25 years of experience in manufacturing STONEBOX® gabions.®.

STONEBOX® is a fully assembled, filled, vibrated, and compacted gabion produced in our quarry, meeting all your construction needs.
Modular and transportable, it offers a quick, waste-free, safe construction solution, ensuring the durability of the structure.


  • Transportable, closed box: a single U-shaped panel forming the bottom and two larger sides (ensures rigidity)
  • Small side assembly by interlocking
  • Made from 5.5 mm wire with Crapal Premium® coating
  • Double horizontal wiring, ensuring flatness of the panels
  • Filling and compacting of the STONEBOX® are done directly in our Comblanchien quarry, or achieved on remote sites using our mobile units
  • Filling stone granulometry of 80/150 mm
Les caractéristiques du gabion - SETP

SETP is your go-to for pre-filled, vibrated, compacted gabions, in the quarry or on-site:

Une capacité de production de 200 m3/jour en moyenne - SETP

200 m³/day average production capacity

Un stock permanent de<br />
1 500 m3 environ - SETP

Permanent stock of about 2,000m³

Le service de livraison rendu partout en France - SETP

Delivery service available France-wide


Murs de soutènement - SETP

Retaining walls

Aménagement urbain et paysager  - Amenagement paysager - SETP


Amenagement urbain et paysager - Amenagement paysager - SETP

Wall cladding

Mur anti-bruit - Gabion - SETP

Noise-reduction walls

Gabions spéciaux - SETP

Custom gabion

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