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Mercurey village square and landscaping 71
Mercurey is a commune of 1,200 inhabitants in Saône-et-Loire, 10 km northwest of Chalon-sur-Saône, renowned for its white and red wines.
On the occasion of Saint Vincent tournante 2017 (January 28 and 29), the feast day of the patron saint of winegrowers in Burgundy, the commune undertook qualitative landscaping work in various parts of the commune in autumn 2016 and until the very beginning of 2017.
Comblanchien stone took pride of place in the redevelopment of the square in front of the Mercurey church, where SETP supplied :
46 ml of Comblanchien benches with flamed finish
100 ml of steps in Comblanchien flamed finish
160 ml of coverings in Comblanchien flamed finish
18 bollards in flame-finish Comblanchien
6 boundary nails in Comblanchien, flame-finish
1 set of washing stones for a small wash-house in Comblanchien, seeded finish
Owner: Mercurey town council
Project management: Cabinet Dubreuil /Bridot 21400 Beaune

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