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Fort des rousses – Jura – 39

Nos réalisations - SETP
building marble

SETP is currently involved in a large-scale project at the historic Fort des Rousses site in the Jura region (39). The Juraflore company is planning a major extension to its vaulted cellars, with the aim of increasing its maturing capacity from 95,000 to 130,000 wheels by the end of the year. Every year, the company welcomes 35,000 visitors who come to taste Comté cheese, and who will now be able to admire the Corton stone chosen for this project.
As part of this project, SETP is in charge of supplying the stone for all the massive vaults, door and window frames and split rubble cladding, representing over 700 cubic meters of stone. Completion is scheduled for the end of 2016.

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