Cœur d’agglomération – Poitiers – 86

Nos réalisations - SETP
urban planning

Between September 2010 and September 2012, SETP made a significant contribution to the revitalization of the Cœur d’Agglo in Poitiers (86), under the supervision of the City of Poitiers. This large-scale project, created by the architectural firm Atelier Lion, involved working with mineral materials to create a major public space. SETP supplied a variety of products for this project, including 23,680 m² of pavers, 3,000 m² of slabs, 4,860 ml of kerbs, 2,870 ml of gutters, 970 ml of steps, 150 ml of canopies, 40 ml of steps, as well as 69 benches and 2 fountains. The Comblanchien stone used for the paving, kerbstones and street furniture perfectly meets the requirements of the project, contributing to the creation of an aesthetic and functional public space in the heart of Poitiers.

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